08 simple love phrases

08 simple love phrases that will keep you in love

love phrases

When the relationship is new, both of you see the world through rose-colored glasses. Everything is new and fresh. When you look at each other, you see an interesting and perfect person. In that "new" phase of a relationship, it's easy to say loving things to each other. These sweet words come naturally when you are together, and then via text or phone at all hours of the day and night when you're apart.

08 things you should say to your partner to keep your love alive

If you've been out of that "new" phase for a while and want to support the development of a deeper, more mature love, look no further. One of the best things you can do for a marriage or relationship is to practice saying these small phrases as often as possible.

Looks great
As you age, compliments can mean more than ever because wrinkles and extra pounds tend to increase with each passing year. If you can say, You looks great!, I am still physically attract." So with each passing year, your wife will know that you still enjoy her outer as well as the inner beauty.

Thank you all
After a couple has been together for a while, it's only natural that they take each other for granted. We expect the other person to do their part without being asked and without noticing when they are doing well. “Thank you” are the simplest two words to say, but also most important. When you say this, what you're actually saying is, "I appreciate all that you do for me." Your partner will be satisfied that you noticed and took the time to say it.

I think you are amazing
When we choose to be with someone for years and years, we sometimes think that the other person must magically know what we're thinking. After all, we wouldn't spend much time together if we didn't think about the other person's world, right? It's time to express those thoughts. Say to your partner, "I think you are amazing." What she's really saying is, "I think you're a good person and I'd love to be with you."

I love you anyway
When your spouse makes a mistake, it can be difficult for both of you. But what you say in that moment will have a lasting effect on your relationship. When you say, "I love you anyway," what you're really saying is, "No matter what's wrong, I'll still love you." Even as adults, we need to hear that we are loved, despite the fact that sometimes we make poor choices or do the wrong thing.

We will get through it
Weathering the storm can mean a lot of things to couples: enduring death, going through financial hardships, losing a job, major health issues and much more. The best thing is to make sure your partner feels your love through it all. When you say, we will get through it.

Yes, I would love to
Maybe going to the theater isn't an interest in you, or you're not particularly excited about going to sporting events. But if your significant other loves these things, it's time to show your support. “I would love to really; I support you and want to share what you love.”

I understand
When love matures, a couple truly gets to know each other, inside and out. As we experience life together, we discover what makes each other move. Maybe your significant other will tell you about a problem at work. Given your history together, you know how this feels for him. By saying "I understand," he is really saying, "I understand you." It comes as a relief to know that someone understands you without having to really explain your feelings. Having this connection is fundamental to long-term love and marriage.

What can I do for you?
One of the most basic definitions of love is to put needs of others before our own. We may find this really easy for our kids, but sometimes we forget to do it for our husband. Try to remember to ask your wife, "What can I do for you?" Which says, "I want to support you and lessen your burdens?"

I am here for you
One of the best things about being a couple is to always have someone to lean on. Remind your husband/wife that he can always count on you. Tell them, “I am here for you,” which actually says, “I am your partner.” Being a partner means that you are equals, that you stand up for each other, and that you always have each other's support.

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