18 Most Beautiful Phrases of life

 18 Most Beautiful Phrases of life

Below is a list of many of the most common English phrases about life and their meanings. We have included a sample sentence with each sentence, for you to see how it is used in everyday conversations. Do you know any "life" terms that we didn't include in this list? Let us know in the comments.

1. Life Appetite

Having an appetite for life means having ambition and motivation in life. To get many things you want to do in your time alive.

2. Art imitates life

Art often tells a story about something going on in real life. That is why we can tell a lot about the history of many countries from their artwork.

3. As if your life is depended on it
When your life depends on something, it means that you will die without it.

4. Big as life
This phrase is used when talking about someone you were surprised to see somewhere.

5. Curse of my life
A curse is something that makes you unhappy or causes a lot of the problems. When something is the curse of your life, it means that it is causing you a lot of problems.

6. Life in the Fast Lane
To live an exciting and fast-moving life with a lot of things happening at once.

7. Life is rosy
Meaning that a person's life is going well and they are happy.

8. Life is not all moonlight and roses
Life is not always fun and beautiful. It can be hard and not cute either.

9. Life's Simple Pleasures
This phrase describes the little things in life that make you happy, like a piece of chocolate, a hug from a loved one, or a walk in the park on a summer's day.

10. Life is too short
Meaning that age can pass quickly. It is usually used in such a way that you show the value of the experience as much as you can in your life, and get the most pleasure out of each moment.
Life is too short to spend worrying time. Do something exciting!

11. A matter of life or death
When it comes to life or death, you know it's a dangerous situation where the outcome can have very big impacts on your life. When used literally, it means that the situation they are talking about could end in someone's death, if the right action is not taken.
It's a matter of life and death, Doctor! Without proper medicine this patient will die!

12. Anew lease on life
A lease is a contract to use something. Like a car rental contract. When you get a new lease of life, it means that you are receiving a fresh start or a new perspective in your life. It is a term often used when people recover from a serious illness or injury or after a significant positive change has occurred in someone's life.

13. Take your life
When a person commits suicide, it means that he kills himself. Otherwise, it is known as suicide.
I could never take my life. I would be very worried about how upset my family would be.

14. Love of my life
When someone or something is the love of your life, they are, or you love the most in the world.
mom dad. I want you to meet love of my life, this is Michelle.

15. You light up my life
When someone lights up your life, it means that they make you a happier. It means that a person makes everything brighter, which is perceived as happier.
My dog, Missy, really lights up my life. I miss her so much when I am away from her.

16. You breathe new life into it
When you breathe new life into something, it means that something was either dying or collapsing or losing strength until you give it something to make it function properly or become vital. This term is often used to refer to situations of old buildings where things are slow and boring, but something happened that made them completely new and modern again. looks nice.

17. Opportunity of a lifetime
Some great opportunities only come once. When something is the opportunity of a lifetime, it means "it's a really big opportunity that can change your life that you don't often do.
The record company offered to fly me to Vegas to perform for nearly 10,000 people! This is the opportunity of

18. Circle of Life
Everything in life moves in a similar pattern. Something creates, then lives, and then dies. Then something new is born. We call this the circle of life. Also, the bird may eat an ant. Then the cat may eat the bird, and if it dies, the ants eat the cat's body. This is also the circle of life.

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