Las 50 mejores Frases sobre motivación en el trabajo

The 50 Best Quotes about Motivation at Work

Because we had a bad day. Because something didn't go the way we wanted. Or because we let fear get in the way.

We talk about getting one of those short phrases of motivation that help inspire our day to day. We all need it from time to time. May they surprise us with them, and remind us that the motive is fundamental and the engine of our achievements. Because you can't buy or sell, and best of all, it doesn't suddenly disappear either, if that's what you think because you've lost it for a few days.

You may have a crush to dedicate these words to yourself, but if not, you don't have to worry. If you can't find anyone who can tell you what you desperately need to hear, you can also read it and find a special place in your mind for those words. We have collected up to 20 short motivational phrases. Choose the one that best reflects your mood and don't leave the house without it. It costs nothing and can give you a lot. To begin with: you will see things differently while never ceasing to be yourself. please note!

50 Short Motivational Phrases You Need Every Day

Many will say it is useless. Perhaps the key is not in what we read, but in how our attitudes change from that moment on. If we feel like recognizing words, we are more likely to realize what these short motivational phrases tell us about what has inspired our motivation.

In addition, at Grupo Emociona we advocate the personalization of these expressions. If we make it our own, we will surely find ourselves more thoughtful and ready to act.

The last step we suggest is that you write your logo yourself. In addition to short motivational phrases signed by many relevant historical figures, you can also create your own effective expression. To do this, set realistic and clear goals. Then write a reliable sentence from a first-person perspective to reach out to them. Use everyday vocabulary and write it down in the present tense. Be positive and after writing it remember to repeat it with some frequency.

In the meantime, here are 20 short motivational phrases that inspire you( you).

Man is a creature of work. Our senses, past experiences and the knowledge we acquire put us in touch with the world and allow us to interact with it to start working. Now, why do people act? Why would anyone choose certain paths over others? What are the inspirations and motives that determine human behavior?

Our actions are driven by momentum. It is the engine that drives us to do things and work for our goals with enthusiasm, energy and conviction. It is what energizes and excites our being.

The best motivational phrases can come from anywhere. It is enough to know how to identify and connect to these sources. One of the tools we have on hand that really works is motivational phrases. You may consider it useless, but it is effective. Ultimately, what we say to ourselves becomes an idea (or vice versa) and will influence our attitude and determination to achieve our goals.

In addition, one of the key skills of highly productive workers is finding ways to motivate themselves, which means that the strength, drive, and drive to keep growing comes from within. This situation, nothing more than a change of situation, leaves a successful mark on the results, because sooner or later this team will get where it has set itself and achieve the goals it has set.

To help you develop your personal motivation, we've put together a collection of the 50 best motivational phrases, so you can find inspiration when you need it most. And if after reading this article you want to "keep striving", we recommend this list of motivational phrases where you will also find countless ideas for communication. 1.- Of all the things you wear, your attitude is the most important.

2.- Motivation is the fuel of the brain.

3.- Collaboration is the beginning, staying together is progress, working together is success.

4.- Working hard for something that matters to us is called stress. Working hard for something we love is called passion.

6.- It doesn't matter how slow you go, as long as you don't stop.

7- Unstoppable effort, neither strength nor intelligence. This is the key to unlocking our potential.

8.- Only those who dare to suffer a great failure have the possibility of achieving great success.

9.- Madness is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.

11.- Trust is the first secret of success.

12.- Success can only be achieved by specific qualities. Above all, it is a diligent, systematic and organized work.

13.- Do not wait for the opportunity to express yourself. You have to get there.

14.- When asked if you can do a job, answer yes! And start learning how to do it right away.

16.- In the Chinese language, two lines are used to write the word crisis: one means danger and the other means opportunity. In the midst of the crisis, beware of danger without missing any opportunity.

17. Discipline is the most important ingredient for success.

18.- If you think you can't, you're right. If you think you can, you're right. Either way, you'd be right.

19. Motivation drives us to create habits. Habits keep us going.

21.- Entrepreneurs always seek change, respond to it and use it as an opportunity.

22.- Always give 100%. Set everything you have to the minimum you do.

23.- A leader is someone who knows how to move forward and show the way.

24.- Do not look for errors, look for solutions. 

26.- In general, what we fear most is what we have to do the most.

27. .. Dedicate your life to what you are passionate about. I don't want to make a living, I want to live...

28.- To guide people, follow them.

29. - .. Your big opportunity may be where you are now...

31. Success in life always goes forward.

32.- Give it light, and darkness will disappear on its own.

33.- The good life begins inside.

34.- The one who does not like his job, until he works all day, will be unemployed.

36.- 80% of success depends simply on perseverance. 

37.- People often work hard to do the wrong thing. Perhaps the right to work is more important than hard work.

38.- Success is the sum of small efforts that are repeated day after day.

39.- If you think you can do it, then you are already halfway there.

frases motivadoras

41.- Work that has not been started before takes longer to complete.

42.- When you lose, do not lose your cards.

43.- Success depends on perseverance.

44.- I learned that mistakes can be as good as success.

46.- .... Talent wins games but teamwork and intellect win championships...

47. - .. Do what you can, with what you have, wherever you are....

48.- Do or not do, but do not try.

49.- Diligence is the mother of luck.

Distinctive phrases to motivate

We hope you enjoy these motivational phrases and ideas, and don't forget to visit our other articles! Finally, we want to leave you a few motivational phrases with a motivational message.

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