positive phrases

 What are the most important positive phrases in 2022?

positive phrases

It is true that actions speak louder than words, and people with super positivity know this. They also know that words are powerful and can be used to make a huge impact in the lives of others. Therefore, they carefully use the power of words to create real bonds and lasting relationships with people in their professional and personal lives. You can easily spot super positive people by the way they treat themselves and the way they talk.
You can become a more positive person by starting to practice these phrases that very successful people always say.

I like you

Super positive people appreciate. They notice the good qualities in people, and say to them: I admire you.

You can do it

Super positive people are supportive. They are interested in helping people, and they tell them, "You can do that."

I appreciate you

Super positive people care. They make sure people know they're not being taken for granted, and they tell them, "I appreciate you."

You can count on me

Super positive people are helpful. They understand the importance of being there for people, and they tell them, "You can count on me."

I believe in you

Super positive people are reassuring. They realize that people need to be reassured, and they tell them, "I believe in you."

You are cute

Super positive people are thankful. They acknowledge the good deeds of people, and say to them: "You are good."

I trust you

Super positive people are confident. They are reassuring, relying on people, and telling them: "I trust you."

You are smart

Super positive people are encouraging. They see unusual things in people, and they tell them, "You're smart."

I'm sorry

Super positive people are brave. They are quick to apologize to people, telling them, "I'm sorry."

Happy Anniversary!

Anniversary celebrates the couple's wedding day. For example, if two people celebrate their fiftieth wedding anniversary, this means that the couple has been married for 50 years.

You can also use "Happy" for many other holidays and occasions, such as "Happy New Year", "Happy Retirement" and the all-time favorite, "Happy Birthday!"

This is a word that can be used to congratulate anyone in different situations. You can say it when your friend gets a new job, when your boss buys a new house, when a friend has a baby or when your cousin gets engaged (to get married). Congratulations on a new job!

I'm so happy for you!

This phrase can be used when someone shares the good news with you. "Happy" can be replaced with similar words, such as "excited" or "cheerful". I can't believe he proposed (asking you to marry him)! I am very happy for you!

Good job
You can say this short phrase to anyone about just about anything. When your friend passes the test: "Good job" When your sister redecorates her living room: "Good job”. This cake looks amazing. I did well!

Good luck in your new job

Finally, you can wish someone good luck to show hope that something is going well. It's more common to say "good luck" before an exam, interview, or big performance, for example. Good luck with your show on Friday! You will be awesome. We hope you feel positive about using some of these positive phrases. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and be positive - in English.
People will really appreciate your kind words. You will do a great job! Good luck and God bless you!

You are getting better

This tells a person that he is getting better. If you want to follow this phrase with criticism, be specific about what they can do to continue improving. You are getting better. Keep practicing English for 15 minutes every day!

I can tell you that you worked hard on this
When someone puts a lot of time and effort into something, they will love to be recognized as such. This statement shows that you know they spent a lot of time carefully working on something. I can tell you that you worked really hard on the monthly newsletter.

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