The Most Famous Beautiful Phrases of 2022

 The Most Famous Beautiful Phrases of 2022

1. Earning a living

Meaning to make money. Usually, you use this in a question form when you ask someone what kind of work they do to make money.

How do you live?

2. The prime of life

Prime means number one or the best in something. When we talk about the peak of someone's life, it means the best time of their life. It usually means the time when a person is a young adult.

It is sad to hear that John died at the age of 25. He was  the prime of his life.

3. A life of its own

When something has a life of its own, it means that something without its soul or character begins to act as if it had its own mind. For example, if computer starts turning itself on or off without you doing anything.

4. Live a double life

Living a double life is a phrase that talks about a person who has a secret lifestyle that he does not show to the public. An example of the double life would be Superman. Superman lives one life as Superman, the super hero of the world. But he also lives his life as the Clark Kent, the shy journalist for the Daily Planet.

Steve leads a double life. I've got a wife and kids here in Florida but also another wife in Texas! He tells each of them that he must travel for work to hide his secret.

5. Low life

A negative term referring to a petty (petty) criminal or a generally bad person who has little money. Usually someone causes problems, usually violence or theft. The opposite of the low life is the high life. If a person lives a high life, it means that he has a good life and is most likely wealthy with a lot of money.

I'm glad you negotiated with your friend. It was such a low life.

6. Full of life

When something is full of life, it means that it has a lot of energy, happiness, movement, sound, color and everything else that represents life. For example, you wouldn't say that the funeral is full of life. The people at the funeral are calm, dressed in dark colors and move slowly. While the birthday party may be full of life. Usually, there's music, laughter, lots of brightly colored decorations, and lots of movement (or dancing).

Your friend Charlie is full of life. He was talking and laughing with everyone at dinner last night.

7. Get a life!

A phrase usually said to someone when they are suggested to do something more interesting and meaningful than what they are doing at the moment. It is also used as an insult when you feel the person is doing something that you feel is a waste of time or stupid to do.

It's been 3 months since you left your girlfriend, John! It's time to stop wasting time at home. I go for a life.

8. You have the time of life

To have a very interesting and fthe un time.

TIMMY and JIMMY spend a lot of time in their lives today. They are in Disneyland with their father.

9. Appointment for life

To have enough money to never have to work again in your life. Or alternatively, to have enough of something, so that you don't need it anymore for the rest of your life.

Millions of people buy lottery tickets every week in hopes of winning and preparing for life.

10. Kiss of Life

Bringing a person back from death or near death using oral resuscitation, which is breathing into a person's mouth to fill their lungs with air when they stop breathing on their own. The Kiss of Life is often used to bring back people who have drowned or been electrocuted.

I watched a video where the firefighter gave a cat the kiss of life. He saved a cat's life!

11. Life is cheap

Meaning that it is easy to kill or die. This phrase is used in mafia movies when one person explains to another that people die frequently. It can be used as a threat or a warning.

Life was cheap in the Bronx during the 1990s. Every day people will be shot over by little things.

12. I can't cook for my life

This means that you are 100% sure that you cannot do something.

I can't cook for my life. I don't even know how to amuse an egg.

13. The Life of the Party

When someone is the life of the party, it means that the person is fun and full of energy at the party which makes being there more enjoyable for others around them.

Joy is always the life of the party. He's the one who comes with all the toys to play and everyone gets to the playing field.

14. To live a charming life

Charmed means to be blessed, or to have a lot of good luck. When someone lives a witch's life, they are seen as having a good life. This means that they are usually lucky in whatever they do. Those who enjoy a charming life will not often encounter problems or difficulties.

You lead such a charming life, Susan. You've had a wonderful husband, two wonderful children, and a successful business of your own.

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