Insurance with workers' compensation insurance

 Insurance with workers' compensation insurance

Current Spanish legislation considers work accidents bodily injuries to workers as a result of work performed by others. This is clearly established in article 115 of the General Social Security Law. For these purposes, bodily harm is considered to be bodily harm, whether due to accident or illness, or due to mental or psychological consequences. On the other hand, only employees who have suffered an accident will be considered an accident at work. Therefore, self-employed workers and contractors will not be included.

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Accidents must also occur as a result of the work being performed. In other words, there must be a direct cause and effect relationship between the work done and the damage caused.

From now on, not all work accidents will be considered work accidents. Thus, cases arising from causes of force majeure unrelated to the work performed are not considered work accidents. Cases resulting from negligence due to injuries of the workers themselves are not considered work accidents. Despite the work that companies can do regularly to prevent accidents in the workplace, the numbers show that their number is increasing. For this reason, it is of great importance to take out work accident insurance to cover the risks derived from this type of accident. Its main objective is to guarantee compensation for workers who are victims of accidents at work.

Frequent questions

What is work accident insurance?

The ultimate objective of work accident insurance is to guarantee economic insurance in the event of death or injury caused by an accident at work of a company worker. Provides compensation in case of temporary or permanent incapacity for work, death of the person or need for medical or pharmaceutical assistance.

Companies usually offer this type of insurance through a mutual insurance company for occupational accidents and illnesses. Therefore, in such cases, the contracting parties will be responsible for paying the economic compensation of the injured worker, within the limits agreed in the policy.

This type of insurance allows different types. Among others, the following factors can be mentioned in this regard:

Group accident insurance. It protects all workers who are part of the company's workforce. The policyholder of these policies is the company itself and the insured will be the individual workers.

Temporary accident insurance. It covers workers who develop training courses, camps or other activities for a certain period of time.

Accident insurance for directors. It is intended to protect those who constitute the administrative bodies, directors or directors of the company.

Accident insurance for tourists. It is mandatory for all companies whose business activity includes public passenger transport.

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