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Work accident insurance: What happens if you have an accident at work?

The subscription of a work accident insurance protects the company from possible accidents for the employees. An accident at work without a mandatory insurance policy means that the company will face huge financial penalties. Learn about the conditions required to participate in work accident insurance.

What is workers' compensation insurance?

Work accident insurance is insurance that covers accidents that company employees may suffer in the performance of their duties. The policyholder, in this case, will be the company, and the insured will be each employee of said company. Workers' compensation insurance is a form of group insurance because it covers a group of people. However, there is also personal accident insurance, for those who wish to protect themselves from accidents that they may encounter on a day-to-day basis. This type of insurance is very important for companies, because the number of work accidents that occur each year is very high. For example, in Spain in 2020 there were 505,528 work accidents (1) with interruptions.


Is insurance against accidents at work compulsory?

Occupational accident insurance is required under a company management contract, also known in these cases as an accident insurance policy. There are industries, such as construction or mining, where mandatory work accident insurance is a reality.

Although there is no agreement, this accident insurance is not compulsory, it is about the insurer or co-insurer covering the worker.

Work accident insurance for the self-employed

In the case of self-employment compensation insurance, this is more important than ever. So that your economic activity is not affected, if you have to stop working due to temporary incapacity for work or illness, you must take out work accident and professional illness insurance. In the case of the self-employed, the insurance usually covers compensation for illness, which is not uncommon in companies.


Work accident insurance includes very specific guarantees, which are common to most insurance companies. Learn about the most popular forms of workers' compensation insurance:

Medical assistance in case of accident

Temporary disability as a result of an accident

Partial permanent disability due to accident

Permanent disability due to accident

severe disability

Fatal accident

Work accident insurance: price

It is almost impossible to determine the price of workers' compensation insurance, since each type of insurance varies from company to company. These are all factors that can make your workers' compensation insurance cost one or the other:

compromise or disagreement. Company Field.

Personnel risks. Number of workers.

Make sure you want to be included.

Frequently asked questions about workers' compensation insurance,

Who pays for workers' compensation insurance?

Logically, it is the company that pays the work accident insurance. I had an accident at work and I don't have insurance, what happens?

Having an accident at work without insurance is something very negative, especially for the company. As an employee, you can claim compensation according to yourself and in all cases it must be available to you. The damage to the company, because the lack of this insurance can lead to fines of up to 187,000 euros for the employer (2).

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