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International Student Health Insurance

Medical insurance for international students In addition, some countries require their international students to have student insurance with specific coverage.

International Student Health Insurance

Why is it important to have international health insurance? This type of policy is an insurance plan that covers a student like any other foreign traveler, except that it specifically covers someone who travels for the purpose of studying. Studying abroad has benefits like making new friends, trying a different lifestyle, and much more. However, like anything else, it also has its disadvantages. When traveling outside the home country, there are changes in diet and climate that can lead to illness. And the cost of medical treatment will be very high for your pocket. What is the option?

Health insurance options for international students. We know you're still wondering how important that is. Here in this article, you will learn about the importance of health insurance for international students.

Quote your student insurance Now, some countries have added a tourist requirement as a condition for obtaining travel insurance in their territory with Covid-19 coverage, with a fixed amount covered, with repatriation in a number of other characteristics. But indefinite students must have a Student Medical Assistance insurance, with specific characteristics and coverages.

Who is this insurance for? Student health insurance is aimed at young people who come to another country for a year of study, training or even work. The maximum age of the insured can reach 25 or 35 years, or, in the case of some insurance companies, up to 85 years, if the reason for studying the trip justifies it. Insurance usually covers a maximum period of one year, while the minimum period varies from company to company.

In addition to medical assistance abroad in the event of an accident or sudden illness, student health insurance covers the costs of hospital stay, medication, repatriation, transportation or travel and accommodation of the student. Family members in case of hospitalization. In addition to the strict medical field, student travel insurance generally covers other aspects such as loss or theft of luggage, civil liability for damages to third parties, as well as specific coverages for students from regular coverages, such as missed classes. It should also be noted that most insurance companies explicitly cite the fact that they cover emergencies that may arise from COVID: PCR testing, isolation, flight cancellations, etc.

International Student Health Insurance

In all cases, maximum coverage should be considered as hospitalization. Some companies offer standard or premium forms of student insurance. The coverage of medical expenses is limited to the standard option of up to 30 thousand euros, while the premium option is up to 100 thousand euros. The cost of the premium method is about 10 euros per month. Finally, know that some insurance companies offer a cancellation guarantee in case you need to cancel or postpone your trip.

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