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Student Insurance

Insurance and other tips for students and their assets Understand how your home insurance policy can protect your students and their belongings while living in a dorm or dormitory. Sending your child to college is an experience full of joy, stress, and a little anxiety. Eliminate these worries by knowing how your family insurance policy protects you and your child.

Student Insurance

Will my home insurance cover students? Most homeowners insurance policies, including those offered by State Farm®, provide coverage for students. Check with your insurance company for specific information on how to handle student insurance. Here are some of the levels of coverage your family policy may cover as a student:

personal responsibility. Covering your policy liability can help you if a guest is injured in your child's room or if your child accidentally destroys school property. The police can help pay for damages and can also pay for your student's legal defense if a lawsuit is filed. Medical payments to third parties. If an accident in your child's room results in someone else being injured, regular home insurance can help pay for accidental medical expenses and hospital bills. Personal property insurance. Your home insurance usually covers the student's personal assets in the student residence.

Details often vary from home insurance policies to other home insurance policies and often restrictions are imposed to insure personal property outside the home. So check your policy details with your agent to see if your student is covered or if you need to purchase additional items. sure.

What questions should I ask my insurance agent about family and student insurance? Before the school year begins, talk to your State Farm agent or other insurance agent to help you understand how homeowners insurance works with your students.

Is the accident liability limit in my child's room the same as in my home? If not, or if you think it's not enough, you can consider an individual insurance policy. What is personal property insurance for my student's personal belongings while at school? Take an at-home inventory of the items your child brings to school. If you think home insurance isn't enough, you can consider an individual policy to provide additional coverage for electronic devices, musical instruments, or sports equipment.Will my home insurance cover my students and their belongings if they live off campus? Otherwise, a renters insurance policy can help protect against property loss and liability when a student lives off campus in an apartment or rental unit. What if my students take their cars to college? How about leaving it at home? If the student is traveling by car, truck, or SUV to school, make sure they are installed. Remind your child that insurance rates can be negatively affected by traffic violations and positively affected by the possibility of getting discounts for good points.

Student Insurance

What college safety tips can I share with my child? Offer your youth these safety tips to keep themselves and their belongings safe while they are away from home.

Take a full-day tour of the campus to familiarize yourself with the facilities. Let a friend or roommate know where you're going before you leave. Avoid leaving your electronic devices, bags, or other personal items unattended. Report any suspicious person or vehicle to campus security. Avoid walking alone on campus, especially at night. If you are not accompanied, call security and ask to be accompanied. Navigate the campus using well-lit paths instead of taking shortcuts through streets and alleys.

Pay attention to your surroundings. Take off your headphones and put your phone away. Keep your keys ready when you go to your car, room, or apartment. Buy pepper spray and whistles to attach to keychains or keep them in your bag. Close all doors and windows before going to sleep or leaving your room. Never invite strangers into your apartment or bedroom.Take inventory of the items you bring to school..... Valuables should be left at home..... Write down the serial numbers of your electronic devices. Knowing these numbers can help you locate things more easily in case of theft. Follow housing policies regarding the kitchen, the use of extension cords, and the use of candles. If candles are allowed, keep a close eye on them while they burn and never leave lit candles when you leave the room. Do not drink alcohol unless you are of legal age and do so responsibly. Pour yourself a drink, look at the glass and ask your designated driver or rideshare to take you home......

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