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Boat insurance required

Hello sailors, Today we will be talking about a topic in which experts at sea are involved, experienced men and women - if there are any - who go fishing from Monday to Friday while the rest of the world goes fishing. Watch an episode of your favorite series. If you're one of them, or one of them, blog this post for yourself. Fishing and activity boat. This is how you should see your fishing business in the face of the risks that affect you

You should also keep in mind that some of them are mandatory and insurable. For example, in Galicia there is a regulation that obliges all fishing vessels to have civil liability insurance to be able to carry out their activities. Keep that in mind. Our solution for your peace of mind is a combination of two factors, HULL insurance and P&I (Owner's Liability) insurance. Comprehensive Insurance at the Bajora Fisheries Board

True to its name, it basically deals with the damage that your boat may suffer, directly protects your property. This insurance covers so-called "risks at sea". Landing, drifting, earthquakes at sea, fires, etc. This insurance covers your vessel against a lot of risks, especially considering the English terms. It also includes a liability capital that covers you against third-party claims that you do not forget to back with your assets. In other words, it covers its content against these claims.

Boat Insurance

But it has two main limits. It does not cover employers' liability (your claim as a worker) and the insured capital is equal to the insured value of your boat. It is not effective in this effect. This is good for something. Insuring your fishing boat

Therefore, there is in the market the so-called option of CIVIL LIABILITY P & I or SHIPOWNER, whose objective is to provide comprehensive protection against almost any claim you receive as a result of your fishing activity. on your boat. This insurance is mandatory in Galicia. Claims related to workplace accidents, pollution, etc., as well as unexpected accidents that can affect your business and cost you money. That would be the 'cost of diversion from the port to take care of the crew', 'fireman', etc., not to mention that it is an insurance issue with a high insured capital proportional to the number of crew on board. Transportation. From 2,000,000 euros to 50,000,000 euros.

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