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Does home insurance cover appliance repair?

home insurance

Some appliances like refrigerators, washers and dryers always break at the most inopportune moment. These unforeseen events require an urgent solution and to deal with them, MAPFRE's appliance repair service offers the necessary solution. As it is essential machinery in the day-to-day life of all families, with this coverage you can be sure that you are fully insured in the event of a breakdown.

home insurance

How does the MAPFRE device repair service work?

Seguros de Hogar MAPFRE offers appliance repair services to quickly resolve many unexpected breakdowns. For the purposes of this warranty, it must be a mechanical, electrical or electronic failure that results in an electronic part or component not being able to function properly. Specifically, this guarantee has the following advantages:

The cost of the first 3 hours of work.
Travel expenses to accommodation are covered. The cost of materials and spare parts used to repair the equipment.
The company provides a team of reliable and pre-licensed professionals within 48 hours of ordering. The insured can claim this coverage up to twice a year.
In no case may the service be replaced by the payment of compensation or reimbursement of expenses to the insured.

What appliances can be repaired with home insurance?
This MAPFRE repair service only guarantees the repair of household appliances:
Refrigerator or refrigerator. freezer.
washing machine. Dryer.
dishwasher. Electric or induction cooker.
Microwave oven. Microwave oven.

What is not included in the MAPFRE Equipment Repair Service?
When claiming appliance repairs through home insurance, the following exceptions must be observed:

This service does not include the repair of damaged equipment over €300 or the market value, that is, the value of the equipment sold at the time immediately prior to the accident. The insured bears the cost of the extraordinary working day after the first three hours.
If the devices are covered by the manufacturer's warranty, the company is not responsible for the corresponding repairs during the period of validity. The guarantee does not apply to the specific case of scratches, bumps, deformation or breakage of non-mechanical or electronic parts of the device.

home insurance

Damage of any nature due to fortuitous causes, such as falls, blows, external shocks, electrical impulses or liquid spills, are also excluded.
Aesthetic defects, corrosion or oxidation due to use or environmental conditions are not covered. The company is not responsible for the repair of defects that may occur in electrical equipment manufactured more than 10 years ago.

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