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hearing impairment.

welcome to hear it This non-profit website was created to raise awareness about hearing loss. 16% of adults in Europe have hearing loss severe enough to negatively affect their daily lives, but only a fifth of people who can benefit from hearing aids use them.

hearing impairment.

This website was created and maintained by the organization "Hear-it AISBL". Hear-it AISBL is an international non-profit organization. The aim of Hear-it AISBL is to collect, develop and publish all current scientific research (social, legal, medical, general, political) and all relevant information, including testimonies from deaf people, socio-economic and human populations.

Our activities include collaborating with national organizations, liaising with government agencies and other organizations on issues related to hearing loss, and editing, the most comprehensive website on hearing loss and hearing loss. Available in Spanish, English, German, French and Portuguese. Hear-it AISBL deals with most issues related to hearing loss, including:

Prevention of hearing loss. Consequences of hearing impairment on individuals and society. Information and advice for the deaf. Information and tips for family and friends. Objective information about hearing problems. Hearing loss statistics. Hear-it AISBL consists of IFHOH, EFHOH, EURO-CIU, AEA, the European Association of Cochlear Implant And AEA Users, as well as independent members of the hearing aid industry and device manufacturers. Same goal as Hear-it AISBL..

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