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How to know who follows me on Instagram and who doesn't?

As we all know, the success of Instagram is becoming more and more noticeable and the interest of users in this social network increases day by day. Thanks to short videos, short descriptions and posts, many young people spend hours in front of screens updating their content. But how do I know who follows me on Instagram?

But there are two types of accounts on Instagram: Free accounts, which allow any user to follow us, view our profile and save posts. and accounts with private profiles where users who wish to follow us will have to send us a request and will only be able to interact with our account if we allow them to do so. hide content
Find out who follows me on Instagram
Do this from a mobile phone:
Do this from the computer:
Steps to change the privacy settings of our profile
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Find out who follows me on Instagram
Taking into account the two types of profiles that exist, we will be able to see who follows us and better control our publications. Knowing the steps to find out who is tracking us on a computer or mobile device is irrelevant.

Do this from a mobile phone:
Since this is the most used version, the steps to know who follows me on Instagram are simple:

Access the application.
We enter our profile, bottom right, the last icon. Once in our profile, at the top, our account data will appear: the number of publications, the number of followers, the number of followers. Click on subscribers. There we will find an ordered list of our followers, from newest to least.

In this list we can order the subscribers in different ways: we can do it in ascending or descending chronological order and even order them by greater or lesser interaction. We will also have the option to enter each profile, we can start or stop following or we can use the search engine to find a specific user that we want among our followers. Do this from the computer:
However, if we use the web version of the social network, these are the steps to follow to find out who follows us on Instagram:

We enter the Instagram website through the browser.
3 icons will appear in the bar at the top of the screen: a heart, a compass, and a human silhouette. Click to access our profile.
At the top, all the account data will appear, including those that are of interest to us, our followers. Click on the number of followers to know them.
A popup will open containing our list of Instagram followers.

For the mobile version, we can organize them and we can start following them or click on their photos to enter their account. The only point out of them is that we will not have a search engine if we want to search for a particular story. Steps to change the privacy settings of our profile
In the possibilities offered by Instagram, as we have mentioned, we have the possibility of making our profile account private. In this way, we will have more control over knowing and choosing our followers. Here's how to make your profile private!

We enter the profile as usual.
At the top right we have three dots. Click on it to open the settings window.
Among all the options, we look for "privacy". Click inside Account Privacy and we will enable private account mode

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