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PopAds: Earn money with your website or blog

PopAds: earn money with your website or blog

PopAds is a company that pays us advertisers on our site. Probably the best Internet company for this type of advertising. This is a company that has been on the internet since 2010 and has had very good Alexa ratings for many years.

The web interface is very intuitive and easy to use, and among other things, it allows us to control in real time the statistics we have from the different websites or blogs that we have previously added to my system. I signed up just a week ago and so far I really like it.

PopAds: key features

• Rating: very good
• Website administration: PopAds was founded in 2010 and is owned by the Costa Rica-based advertising agency Tomksoft S.A.
• Payments: can be claimed from $5. 

• Payment methods:
• Proof of payment: Yes, you can see it below. • Introduction: 1 unlimited level. You earn 10% of what your guests generate. • English language.
Accepted countries: All. How do PopAds work?

The first thing we have to do is register from this link. They will ask us for the data of the model that we will have to fill in, I recommend putting it into practice. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that you must indicate that you are the publisher, not the advertiser.

The process is very simple. First we have to register our blog or website (we can put whatever we want) and fill in the image data:

Add your website or blog

Once filled out, they had to approve our site, although I told them that everyone agreed. I received a confirmation a few hours later in my email. Once you get the PopAds deal, you need to go to your control panel and generate an automated code that you put on your website.

Hey, from now on, every time you visit our website and click on one of our links, an advertising window will appear. When it appears in the background, it is not intrusive at all, although people should know if they are interested in placing this type of popup on their sites. Look at my earnings a week later and right after one of my blog posts goes live. I'm about to hit the $5 shipping minimum and everything is on autopilot.

Advantages and disadvantages to consider


More than nine years online and a good group of Alexa.
The minimum payment is very low, only $5 we can collect through Paypal. They allow to include all kinds of websites, websites and porn and it doesn't matter how much traffic you get.
Good CPM price. You can get amazing performance when combined with link shorteners like
Referral: 1 level with 10% commission. issue

Not all impressions are counted. (This is because many people have a popup blocker in their browser)
Does PopAds pay?

As I write this, I've reached the minimum to be charged and when you request it, the payment is approved instantly, as well as a countdown to when you'll be charged, which is really cool. When I receive the payment, I will upload the receipt so you can see it. Update: I see. below you can see it

PopAds adds a new anti-ad code

I guess everyone who uses this platform has heard about this new feature, because once it was released, they notified all users by email. Anyway, I'll give a simple summary for easy understanding haha. If you log in to your account and go to the Code Generator menu, you will see that there is a new tab called Anti-AdBlock AdCode. If you click on it, you will see that you have a new code that is completely different from the normal code. What's new in this code? Very simple.

As a result, when we receive a visit to our website, it will be blocked if the user is using one of the most popular and widely used ad blockers in the PopAds database. This will avoid the big problem we all face: bad conversions for popups. It is very common to see how good our traffic is, however, we almost never generate conversions. In fact, most of the time, the ads generated by our standard code do not "display" to visitors in turn thanks to the "pop-up blocker" features. With this new code, the visitor will receive a message inviting him to deactivate his blocker if he wants to continue browsing the web and return to its contents. Clearly this is not a final solution as readers can choose to leave our site without disabling their ad blocking and adding a not so good feeling while viewing our page.

That is why this new code is not suitable for any website, we will have to analyze if it is suitable for us. We can also test it in a couple of days and see how it behaves. If we find that the benefits increase but the drawbacks also increase (fewer visits, higher bounce rate, etc.), then we should consider going back to the original code.

So far I have been using the new code for three days on one of my blogs and the improvement seems to be noticeable. More conversions and no hiccups (yet), in terms of traffic or user feedback. It will take a few weeks to reach a more definitive result.

Note: If we choose to configure it, we must periodically review the code available on the web, since it will be updated by adding new blockers that come onto the market. So far we've made a good $70 in the last 3 months (you can see the previous one here), so we're still going strong on this great platform.

I requested the payment yesterday afternoon and after a few hours I received it in my PayPal account. Super fast as always. Here's the guide.

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