Madhouse Mobile Announces

Madhouse Mobile Announces

Listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Madhouse Mobile is a mobile advertising company with a global reach. The Company's clients include Visa and MasterCard. Revenue is $80 million, and the Company's employees number 2,500. The Company filed its latest balance sheet on 31 December 2020. The last annual general meeting took place on 27 May 2021. Read on for more information. Madhouse Mobile is a subsidiary of GroupM, an advertising agency.

GroupM acquires China's largest mobile advertising network

As India's mobile market continues to grow, major ad agencies are forming dedicated mobile advertising teams. For example, Media agency Mindshare launched the first mobile marketing facility in India. The Chinese mobile ad network, Madhouse, recently entered India. The company currently has over 120 clients, with support from OMG, Aegis, and GroupM. While the company will retain its name and brand identity, the acquisition will further boost its global presence.

Madhouse Mobile Announces

In addition to serving more than 150 million unique mobile users every month, Madhouse boasts almost 1 billion targeted ad impressions each month. The ad network is currently focused solely on Mainland China but has recently announced a partnership with Far EasTone Telecommunications to set up an ad network in Taiwan. The ad network's revenue model is based on premium advertising and blind advertising.

Among the tools that Madhouse provides advertisers is an analytical tool that can be used to optimize the performance of their campaigns. For example, users can view banner click-through rates and prioritize banners that are likely to get the highest response. This allows advertisers to respond quickly to changes in the market and receive fresh creative inputs on a real-time basis. Madhouse has partnered with web tracker, a third-party mobile ad tracking platform. The software is free to Madhouse's customers and costs vary by scale and complexity.

The company also offers a self-service mobile ad platform. Mobile ads are streamed around mobile videos and games. It also specializes in placing ads in-game, creating games around specific products, and integrating mobile advertising into voice and SMS messages. It has a global team dedicated to maximizing ROI and customer support. The company also integrates with various advertising technologies such as Atlas, DoubleClick DART, Omniture, and Eyeblaster.

While it has acquired several companies in the mobile advertising space, the recent acquisition of AdMob is particularly significant for the mobile industry. AdMob is an advertising network that offers adult ads on the social network myGamma. It also allows self-service mobile advertising and a variety of targeting options across networks. In addition, Apple recently introduced iAd in iOS 4.0, enabling app developers to insert interactive ads into apps.

Company's revenue

China-based mobile marketing communications company Madhouse Inc. is launching its services in India in a strategic partnership with global marketing communications company WPP Plc. The company hopes to use mobile as a mass media advertising tool. Despite the huge audience size of India, mobile advertising in the country faces several challenges including operating system differences and a lack of established tools. Madhouse's revenue growth can be attributed to these challenges and other factors.

The partnership between EA and Madhouse is expected to increase the company's revenue in China. The two companies are expected to work closely on improving their mobile marketing strategies. Madhouse Mobile has a strong track record for maximizing the revenue of advertisers. The company has built a revenue model that is profitable and makes the mobile advertising process more efficient. Madhouse Mobile India Private Limited is listed under the "Computer and Related Activities" category.


The company's mission is to provide the best mobile advertising solutions and services. The company focuses on data-driven programmatic buying to help brand advertisers engage with their target audience and mobile performance marketers acquire high-quality users. The company was founded in 2006 in Shanghai and has offices in Beijing and Guangzhou. It now employs over 240 people across its various offices. Its goal is to help companies grow their business and build a powerful ecosystem.

The company employs a variety of employees and offers flexible work schedules. Madhouse Mobile Pvt Ltd offers a variety of job functions, including marketing, web development, and mobile marketing. The company's employees' salaries range according to degree and experience. It does not guarantee that this information is accurate. Madhouse Mobile Pvt Ltd employees have access to an online employee directory. Madhouse Mobile employees are not required to disclose the names of their employers.

The company's mission statement is to "serve people and businesses." Its goal is to provide solutions that make people's lives easier. The company offers a diverse range of products and services. Madhouse Mobile India Private Limited offers a wide range of services, including data processing and marketing, ranging from website development to marketing and advertising campaigns. The company has offices in Mumbai and Bangalore. Madhouse Mobile India Private Limited is a private, non-government company with an authorized capital of Rs. 5.0 Cr. The company filed its last balance sheet on 31 December 2020.

The company also produces animation series, including Ace o Nerae! and World Record. This company was founded in Tokyo in 1973 by ex-Mushi Pro animators. During the 1990s, Madhouse recruited important directors, such as Hideki Kurama and Takahiro. However, the company's products include the popular Ninja Scroll series, a comedy-drama starring a ninja.

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