Download WhatsApp iPhone Style for Android - iTodoPlay May 28, 2023

 Currently whatsapp has a better appearance on Iphone mobiles that have an IOS system. Unfortunately whatsapp on mobile phones with the android system does not look as nice as we would like, so I bring you the possibility of modifying this application and make it look with the WhatsApp Iphone style on android

Download iphone style whatsapp for android

To have this appearance of whatsapp on our android device it is necessary to download three files.

The first one is only whatsapp app, the second one is light theme and the third one is dark theme

So that you do not have inconveniences please follow the following steps

Know ALL the Functions or Tricks of WhatsApp Plus

Every day there are more people who use WhatsApp Plus, here I will explain all the advanced functions that this application offers us. this way you can clearly decide if you want to use this app


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