CPX Interactive Review

CPX Interactive Review

CPX Interactive is a global advertising network that layers innovative online strategies and a global distribution model to efficiently monetize 100% of publishers' inventory. Its proprietary technology allows advertisers to reach over 200 million unique users in 60 countries each month with 30 billion impressions. It has also been named one of the six fastest-growing privately held advertising companies in the US by Inc. Magazine. Interested in learning more about CPX Interactive? Please read on to learn more about its unique offering.

CPX Interactive is a global ad network

CPX Interactive is a global-based progressive online ad network that is redefining the ad network industry. They layer cutting-edge online strategies onto a world-class global distribution model, enabling them to efficiently monetize 100% of publisher inventory. Their platform serves more than 200 million unique visitors per month in 65 countries. And they have a long history of success, having worked with more than 300 major brands.

CPX Interactive is one of the largest players in the online advertising industry, serving over 3 billion interactive ad impressions every day. It has three distinct segments: CPX Media, which provides a fully managed service to brands, CPX Demand, which supplies unduplicated online inventory to buyers, and CPX Data, which manages vast volumes of campaign data. The combination of these three segments enables the company to offer unique data-driven optimization products.

CPX adROIt provides all the elements of an efficient online advertising campaign, simplifying and enhancing the fragmented online advertising market. CPX's proprietary ad management platform, adROIt(TM), brings scalability, transparency, and complete insight into results. CPX adROIt's ad management platform enables CPX to leverage all major online ad exchanges with a single scalable platform.

CPX Interactive recently acquired Seattle-based AdReady, an ad platform with over 8,000 customers, and over 500,000 ads. CPX Interactive will provide AdReady with early funding, overhead support, and the resources necessary to overcome typical early-stage hurdles. These include scalable creative and hyper-targeted marketing. In a nutshell, this acquisition is the next step for CPX Interactive.

It offers programmatic advertising

CPX Interactive is a digital advertising company with a global distribution network serving three billion daily interactive ad impressions. It has three major segments: CPX Media provides 100% managed services to brands, CPX Demand supplies unduplicated online inventory for buyers and CPX Data manages enormous volumes of campaign data. Its programmatic advertising platform can deliver highly customized advertising based on this data.

CPX Interactive has a private marketplace of over 4,000 quality publisher sites. Their proprietary technology delivers 90 billion impressions per month to 65 countries. CPX has a proven track record with major brands globally and has a strong track record for success. The company also has an impressive team of dedicated Publisher Relations professionals. For publishers, CPX offers a variety of services including programmatic advertising and remnant inventory absorption.

As the cost of PPC has risen, advertisers are looking for more reliable and affordable ways to reach their customers. Programmatic advertising helps them achieve this goal by eliminating the middleman and offering a single source of advertising for both publishers and advertisers. Advertisers can rest assured that their products will not be advertised on sites that have a negative reputation. A recent survey showed that 86% of consumers are concerned about offensive content on the Internet.

The advantages of programmatic advertising over PPC are clear. It can reach any type of customer with the right ads. Its cost is less than PPC, but the reach is comparable. The disadvantage is that programmatic advertising is difficult to measure. Hence, marketers may want to start with the Google Display Network to test its effectiveness and determine the most likely audience for their campaigns. They must have display ad data in hand before committing to a programmatic advertising campaign.

It has a private marketplace of more than 4,000 quality publisher sites

CPX Interactive is a leading provider of digital advertising solutions. With more than 4,000 publisher sites in more than 65 countries, the company consistently serves more than three billion ad impressions daily. With its global distribution network, CPX has on-demand access to almost every major digital media aggregator. CPX campaigns undergo a continuous cycle of planning and optimization. CPX's success can be measured in the hundreds of leading brands and direct marketers worldwide.

Unlike open-market advertising, CPX's private marketplace offers advertisers more flexibility in identifying and buying premium inventory. PMPs allow advertisers to bid on inventory without the hassle of manually reviewing and managing multiple ad packages. Publishers can also set their minimum CPMs and invite only the most qualified buyers. The private marketplace helps advertisers control costs and increase transparency by eliminating intermediaries.

Despite the private marketplace's many benefits, fraud can be an issue. Because these marketplaces have a select group of advertisers, fraud is likely to occur. Publishers must take steps to prevent fraud as premium inventory can be at stake. To avoid fraud, publishers should not send high-quality traffic to generic landing pages. Landing pages should match the content of the ad and maintain relevance throughout the campaign.

PMPs can help publishers and advertisers increase their efficiency and reach. PMPs can also provide advertisers with exclusive inventory that they cannot buy elsewhere. Private marketplaces also offer advertisers access to PMP deals, which are a great benefit for both publishers and advertisers. With this system, advertisers are guaranteed to receive high-quality inventory, which will result in higher conversion rates. And since it's a private marketplace, there's no human intermediary between advertisers and publishers.

It provides 100% managed services to Brands and Agencies

CPX Interactive is a digital advertising company with a global distribution network that serves 3 billion daily interactive ad impressions. It is organized into three distinct segments: CPX Media, which provides 100% managed services for brands and agencies, CPX Demand, which supplies unduplicated scalable online inventory to buyers, and CPX Data, which manage enormous volumes of campaign data. With more than 100 employees across three U.S. offices, CPX Interactive offers unique data-driven optimization products that help brands and agencies to maximize ROI.

CPX Interactive is expanding this year, focusing on the quality of its services and expanding into new regions. In addition to their new Los Angeles office, they are opening an office dedicated to publisher relations. This office will support publishers full-time, as well as actively acquire new websites. All of this will result in improved revenues for brands and agencies, while CPX Interactive will gain a team of talented experts that will be able to handle the most complex advertising campaigns.

It has a satellite office in New York

CPX Interactive, formerly CPX Interactive, is a global advertising network. The company is known for delivering 100 percent of a publisher's inventory through an innovative global distribution model. Its services allow advertisers to target and monetize ad impressions at scale, and its clients can see the same ads across multiple media platforms. In 2015, the company was named one of the most promising companies in America by Forbes. Today, the company operates three U.S. offices and employs over 100 employees in various roles

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